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Electribe EM1 - Samples 

Drum wave and Synth wave from the Korg Electribe EM1.
Unprocessed. 24 bits. 36.5 Mo
194 Samples: 144 Drum wave & 50 Synth wave

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#sample #OneShot #drum #synth

Modula Drum Box

The "Modula Drum Box" are some drum modules create on Combinator to make some analogic rythmic sounds on Reason.

 The ReFill contains:
20 Samples (From Modula Drum pack)
3 RPS (Demo - How to use Modula Drum Box)
15 Combinator
5 Kong
5 NN19
5 Redrum
11 RV7000
3 Scream

CV/Gate info:
Kick Modules 01 & 02: note C3
Snare Modules 01 & 02: note C#3
Hithat Modules 01 & 03: note D3
Hithat Modules 02 & 04: note D#3
Tom Modules 01 & 02: note E3

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#ReFill #reason #sample #combinator #kong #NN19 #NNXT #redrum

Modula Drum Pack

Voici un petit pack de 20 samples (wav) dans le genre "Drum kit" conçu avec un synthétiseur modulaire (Modular).

#sample #OneShot #drum

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