lundi 26 septembre 2016

Mon papa est un raver [Free LP]

Free LP by FANAT3K lab°

01/ Baby Boom Boom Dj Kat
02/ Fukushi Cloud by A2H aka Dorf
03/ Boops Tekno by Tek Audio Prod
04/ Tarmak Dreamin' by Nicklos Pad'Blaze
05/ Cyberikus by Sagsag23
06/ IndaForest by Redge
07/ Les raves du daron by Anarkya
08/ Daraved by Mohm
09/ Paparaver by Cali
10/ Vous laissez pas embobiner by Gremlins Galeux

Format: mp3 320 Kbps
Number/catalogue release: FTKLP001
Licence: Creative commons "Free Culture 4.0 International"
ArtWork: BulleCore & La Machine Factory
Mastering: FANAT3K Lab°
Mixage: FANAT3K Lab°

Téléchargement Libre/Free Download

jeudi 15 septembre 2016

Live @ Rencontre Nocturne

Live Jungle Jazzy Drum'n Bass joué lors de la soirée Rencontre Nocturne le 10/09/16.
En écoute et téléchargement libre.

jeudi 8 septembre 2016

Rencontre Nocturne Live Stream - 09/09/16

::Rencontre Nocturne::Night Meeting::Öine Kohtumine::Ночная встреча:: Sound artists are sending their love and greetings in Teknomusic to get the weekend started and salute the magic of nightly meeting ;)

09th friday September 2016

Hosted by Fanat3k Radio:

 Friday +2UTC

Line up:

16:30 CALI (Aleatoire Sound; 23H23)
18:30 DJ MOHM (Aleatoire Sound)
23:00 REDGE (23h23)
00:30 ANARKYA (23h23; Fanat3k)

 Keep Your internet connection close ;)